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Ten Things You Can Do To Prevent Graffiti

  1. Get educated. Learn about graffiti, how it impacts your community, and who is responsible for graffiti prevention and clean-up in your area.
  2. Report graffiti to the appropriate authorities.
  3. Organize a clean up. Local paint dealers are often willing to donate paint and brushes for volunteers to use for graffiti clean-up.
  4. Plan a paint-brush mural to cover a wall plagued with graffiti.
  5. Coordinate a graffiti awareness campaign at your school or in the community.
  6. Make a presentation on graffiti prevention to your school class or neighborhood group.
  7. "Adopt a wall" in your school or community and make sure it stays clean and free of graffiti.
  8. Plant trees or other greenery near a graffiti-plagued wall.
  9. Ask your community to install lighting in areas that are dark and often hit with graffiti.
  10. Contact a local Keep America Beautiful affiliate and volunteer to help keep your community clean.